Many moons ago, when the painters had yet not taken over our house, in the earliest part of December, I set out once again in the search of chhole bhature. This time it was Kaleva in Gol Market.

Had been to Odeon Sweets in the same market earlier and now it was time to check out their rival. They were somewhat more expensive than usual – no half plate option and a full plate close to almost rupees hundred. But that can be forgiven as they are made with desi ghee. The taste was quite pleasant but I have to say I liked the chhole bhature at Odeon better. Not that I loved Caesar less but that I loved Rome more! This was followed by dahi bhalla – nice but again, too sweet for me. I asked for some sookha masala and hari chutney to try and cut the sugar a bit but they would not give either. A sprinkle of plain salt helped immensely to reduce the sweetness. Next was the besan chilla. By now, both Mohammad and I were rather full but we plodded on defiantly. The chilla had a generous filling of paneer and came with a sweet chutney and a green one. I think we were too full to fully appreciate it but it seemed a tad too bland to me. I guess I am used to the fire of Delhi 6 now.

The halwas on display looked amazing but we were so, so full. No way we could squeeze some in. All told the outing was great fun even if they were not the top of the pops for me!

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