The Matar Kulcha Wallahs of Nai Sarak

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Dearest Rakhshanda had once recommended matar kulche from Nai Sarak. So one fine day in January I set off to find them. I found the first and Mohammed and I somersaulted to him at double speed and we had a patta each. But just a few steps beyond we spotted one more. I groaned. Mohammed, I said, my friend said where Nai Sarak met Chandni Chowk and we have two gentlemen here. We must try the other one too. So we ate some more. Both were nice. But we liked # 2 more than # 1. But imagine our plight when we spotted # 3!!! Didi, shouted Mohammed, I will not eat any more no matter how good they are. I could not muster any enthusiasm to try # 3 either. And he was selling chhole bhature, not matar kulche. Either which way, we were completely full. So we came back. Am still thinking about going back to #3 one of these days though 

Matar Kulcha Wallah # 1

Matar Kulcha # 1

Matar Kulcha Wallah # 2

Matar Kulcha # 2

Matar Kulcha Wallah # 2
Last but not the least – Chhole Bhature Wallah – # 3

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