A tryst with chhole bhature at Shiv Mishthaan Bhandar

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The quest for chhole bhature is not over. Stumbled upon a gem while looking for something else. On the corner of Kucha Ghasi Ram in Chandni Chowk stands Shiv Mishthaan Bhandar. I had heard of them, of course. But for some reason had no urge to go there. On this particular day, however, we were very tired from a very long walk and we suddenly came upon it. Grateful to find a place where we could find something to eat and a place to sit we walked in. Ordered one bedmi with aloo and chholey. Mohammed asked for chholey bhature. My bedmi tasted quite prosaic and his chholey bhature looked spectacular. And the chholey in both the dishes were made differently. So I put the bedmi aside and asked the waiter bhaiya to bring me chhole bhature as well. Made in pure desi ghee, they were quite mind blowing. Before I knew it, I had wiped my plate clean. I was supposed to have just a few bites!! Half plate – Rs 50, full plate – Rs 90.

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