The best Nihari I never ate!

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I am obsessed with Nihari but I don’t eat buff. And this is a problematic situation for a Nihari lover. However, not eating buff has never come in the way of my love of photographing Niharis. And then Mohammad is always available on hand to taste them and give me his critical opinions on which Nihari is good. We had never been to Noora who is located in Gali thele waali in the Bara Hindu Rao area. He comes with a formidable reputation and the battle for the crown of the best Nihariwallah in Delhi is a toss up between Kallu and him. Or so I hear. So we got up at the ungodly hour of 5 am and set off in search of Noora. We nearly ended up with the wrong Nihari because just before him in the lane is Rafiq and we thought he was Noora!! But fortunately we managed to course correct and reach Noora. Noora has a special twist to his Nihari. He offers a desi ghee tadka on the Nihari if you ask for it. We did. And Mohammed had his Nihari with the tadka. Until he had tried Noora he was batting for Kallu. Now he has switched parties and says Noora is better!! Is he? Only Rameen can tell. I have been waiting for his review for months and on taste his word will be the last. In the meantime, it seems like Noora makes the best Nihari I did not eat 😊

Price – Rs 100

Desi ghee tadka and one Khameeri roti – Rs 30

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