Amit Mehra
 had once alluded to Pandit Makkhan ka Ghar, a small temple in Charkhewalan. And it stayed with me. Finally, one morning recently I decided to go looking for it. I was quite sure I won’t be able to find it. And when I started asking it began to look that way. No one seemed to know. One man even insisted that I am looking for a dentist. But fortune favours the persistent. Just when I was going to give up, I was helped by a man I did not even ask for help. He overheard me enquiring about the temple from a shopkeeper who did not know. He told me I was almost there. Just a few more steps. And so it was. In a matter of minutes I had reached. Pandit Makkhan ka ghar is a very old temple inside a private residence. The family has been looking after the temple for generations. They live on the first floor. One of the ladies of the house allowed me in. Once inside I felt I was transported to Braj – Vrindavan or Mathura of a couple of hundred years ago. Incredibly charming. This temple is such a gem. And relatively little known. Thank you Amit for the tip. But for you I would never have known.

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