A visit to the Rampur Kitchen

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One place that had remained pending on my ‘go to’ list for a long time was Rampur Kitchen. One had heard much about the cuisine and kitchen of the Nawabs of Rampur. But with no access to it. The royal family of Rampur was not likely to invite me anytime soon for a repast and not being much of a cook, one was left to wonder and dream. And read about it. Until one heard about the Rampur Kitchen. Bingo! Now commoners could also try the food.

So one Ramzan evening I decided to go looking for Rampuri food. Located in a slightly dilapidated mall called the India Mall in New Friends Colony, the Rampur Kitchen is on the first floor. I could not find any lift so I huffed up. The place is unpretentious. But neat and clean. We were pleased to find a complimentary platter of fruits and pakoras on every table for Iftaar. And Rooh Afza. Very nice touch.

I scanned the menu and chose two varieties of kababs – gilawati, on the recommendation of the waiter and chapli, because they are not very common on Indian menus. Both the kababs were good. We followed the kababs with taar gosht and nihari. The nihari was nice without being brilliant. But it was the taar gosht which killed me. Simply amazing. The star of the show. And the dish with immense repeat value. The kheer that followed was pretty decent. All in all a fairly enjoyable meal.

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