A visit to Rama Chhole Bhature

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Rama Chhole bhature, right across from the Tilak Nagar metro station, Jail Road, is situated in the heart of the Punjabi badlands of west Delhi. They are quite famous and I, who had traversed the length and breadth of Delhi in search chhole bhature, was yet to try them. I was in the vicinity today (why I shall tell you in another post). So Mohammed and I decided to go searching for Rama.

Looking at the decrepit jhonpdi that was Rama Chhole bhature my heart sank. I told Mohammed to order us two singles. One full plate is Rs 60 and a half plate is Rs 40. One bite and my nose was no longer in the air.

The bhaturas were crisp, hot, the perfect moons with a sprinkling of paneer. The chhole were yum and plentiful. We ate with much pleasure and joy. Before we knew it there was not a crumb on our plates.

Now we are going back and I am full of remorse. I was supposed to be off junk food from today. We-ll, I will have to make amends by skipping my lauki and dal at dinner šŸ˜Š

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