The man who will feed you an omlette in 500 different ways!

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So how do you like your eggs? I had been reading about Rahul off and on for two years. He makes eggs for a living and claims to serve his omelettes in 500 different ways. He is a one dish chap. So if you go to visit, all you can eat is eggs. In 500 different ways. All of which are desi. This is street food. So we have tandoori mayo and mirchi and kababs and keema and cheese and other such items which fill the omlettes up. And also bread, which nestles in the heart of the omlette. One omlette is a complete meal. And can cost from anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 200 plus depending on what you choose. Some options were bizarre. What in the world is a dosa omlette? Or a water omlette? He even has an omlette full of chowmein! Remember you said synthesis is a good thing? 😊

So we ordered a Jalandhri omlette full of chicken seekh kababs. Which was good. Rahul wanted us to try a spicy omlette filled chicken qeema – which was good too.

And then he got carried away. He got nervous looking at my camera and me clicking pictures. He cancelled my order and served a special omlette which came with four lit candles and a happy birthday sign and my name written on the omlette!! Eh? But its not my birthday, I spluttered. I did not want to break his heart. So I reluctantly blew the candles and cut the omlette up. It was not very nice. He lost confidence and tried too hard and I felt bad that he was trying so hard.

Rahul’s Eggs is far, far away from where I live. Just across from gate # 1, Keshavpuram metro station in north west Delhi. The entire meal including two bottles of Thums Up cost us about Rs 700.

Ps – I know the board of the shop in the last two photos says 350 and not 500 varieties of eggs. But he has been innovating since the board was put up and the menu now offers 500 variations of eggs.

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