Babu bhai kabab waale of Matia Mahal had been on my list of kababchis to try. But I had heard that Babubhai makes ‘buff only’ kababs. Therein lay the hitch. 

One evening I decided enough was enough. Mohammad could be my taster and I would only drool and photograph. It was very crowded at Babubhai’s that evening. And Babubhai’s son was alone grilling the kababs. He was in a bad mood. The minute Mohammad asked how much one kabab was for he bit his head off saying how many times do I have to repeat myself? Since we had only asked the first time Mohammad was most annoyed at the affront. He turned to me and said Didi ye to chilla raha hai mujhpe. I pacified Mohammad and asked him to go back. But by now both Mohammed and Babu bhai junior had gone into hostile sulks.

While Mohammad was waiting for his turn, a plateful of kababs was handed to two young men. They looked delectable. I was strategically positioned to get many shots. Upon reaching Babubhai’s I discovered that they also serve goat kababs. Very gingerly I asked for a piece hoping he does not bite my head off. He declined. He said aapko bahut wait karna padega. Which was true. He was alone and had to cater to everyone there. Most customers were ok with buff. So Mohammad remained the lucky one to eat the kababs while I tried not to stare too much.

He was still miffed and was loathe to praise Babubhai Jr too much. They are ok he said with a snort so BB Jr could hear him. Ah well. They looked pretty good to me!

Price of one buff kabab – Rs 20/Goat – Rs 60

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