Kale Baba’s famous ‘sutli’ kababs

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One more kababchi on my list was the famous Kale Baba of Suiwalan. He is known for his ‘sutli’ kababs. So tender is the meat that they need the support of a string when they are wrapped around the seekhs. Hence, they are known as sutli kababs in common parlance. The only hitch being that they are buff. The problem was overcome in the usual manner where Mohammed, my friend and driver, ate and I drooled. He gave them a thumbs up. Much better than Babu bhai he sniffed. Mohammed has injured feelings about Babu bhai since he was rude to him. Now whether Kale Baba’s sutli kababs are better than Babu bhai’s I cannot say. Both looked utterly divine to me. But they also looked completely different. Do you like one or the other? Or both? How does it matter? Sabke haath main jadoo hai jo Shahjahanabad ki sarhad paar karte hi bolne lagta hai.

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